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Old To New Website is a website which helps user to make origami craft with simple instructions.

User Persona


Gender: Female

Age: 36 Years

Education: MBA

Occupation: Business Analyst

Scenario: She has been relocated to Japan with her family and she and her kids want to decorate their christmas tree with origami crafts.

Needs: Origami instructions for variety of decorative crafts which can be easily found and followed depending upon the complexity level of craft.


Gender: Male

Age: 22 Years

Education: Graduate in Mass Media

Occupation: Student

Scenario: He wants to learn origami craft on his vacation time with fundamentals to enhance his creativity.

Needs: Instructions from fundamental origami folds to the complex origami craft.

Goals and Refference

Business Goal

To make origami community and spread origami art to make people enjoy making birds, animals, flowers etc... with simple instructions.

Usability Goal

Easy to find any origami craft item, as well as, inform and guide people who are new to origami.

Refference website

Following website is reffered for representation of each craft on a single card.

Pain Points\ Problems

Point-1: User is new to the site, he needs to know from where to start.
Point-2: Lengthy navigation due to lack of information architecture.
Point-3: Users may not like to read big paragraphs of feedbacks website receives.
Point-4: Large group of user fond of art or craft, so dull appearance of site may not be appealing to them.

Old site index page layout

Information Architecture

Card Sorting

Website Navigation

Wireframes For Responsive Website

Style Guide And Logo Process

Website Layout

Version 1

Version 2

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