Case Study For "Voidron-Embedded Experts"

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Voidron is a team of embedded engineers & IT professionals. They provide embedded system design solution.

User Persona


Gender: Male

Age: 32 Years

Education: B.E | Electrical & Electronics Engineering

Occupation: Product Manager

Scenario: He has to select embedded system engineer team on a contract basis for a development of electronic product.

Needs: Promising company introduction/information. Brief about the services. Communication options.


Gender: Female

Age: 26 Years

Education: M.E | Instrumentation & Control Engineering

Occupation: Director of start-up company

Scenario: She has a buissness idea and for that she wants to develop a embedded product from scratch.

Needs: Company who can provide technical support to her product from a scratch to the end. Brief about the services and products. Communication options.

About Goals

Business Goal

To get in touch with relavent projects and deliver the best solutions for it. Build up large user group for products launched by Voidron.

Usability Goal

To keep it simple but not boring and with a formal informative approach.

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