About mooDy

mooDy is an ingenious product designed to cater to the millions of bike lovers around the world. With it's revolutionary concept and features, your ride would become all the more fun and exciting, making you a star on the road. Moreover, the emergency brake detection system will ensure you a safe ride. With so many features packed into this product, you would do anything to get your hands on mooDy. You have been warned!


Message Display

mooDy lets you display up to three messages (48 characters each) which would become visible to everyone driving behind you. Speak your heart as you ride. Isn't that poetic?!

Emergency Brake Indication

mooDy lets you display up to three messages (48 characters each) which would become visible to everyone driving behind you. Speak your heart as you ride. Isn't that poetic?!

Tilt Indication

Turn indicators are such a bore; and they need to be operated manually. Such a pain! mooDy brings to us it's attractive indicators which automatically detect a tilt and flash it on the display.

Bike Vibration Equalizer

mooDy converts all the bumps and holes in the road into an animated equalizer, making your rough ride into a melody.

Blutooth Enabled

mooDy is equipped with low power Bluetooth, enabling it to communicate to your phone, in turn allowing you to configure your device.

Frequently Asked Questions

How does this device work?

It has a built in accelerometer which is able to detect the momentum and orientation of the bike on which it is installed.

Is the Mobile App for this device free and available for all devices?

Yes indeed, it is completely free and is available on Google Play Store. It works without a hitch on all Android phones with version 5.0 or higher. Unfortunately, support for iPhones is not available at the moment; however, we are working non-stop to ensure that we soon have an App compatible for iPhone users.

Do I need to connect device to braking system for it to work?

Absolutely not. Our smart product is extremely easy to install and there isn't any need to fiddle with the wiring of your bike. Just connect the device to the brake light/tail light/number plate light and you are good to go.

Do the message and the settings stay on the device when I turn OFF my bike?

Yes, all settings made from the App are retained on the device and will remain unchanged until you modify it from the App yourself.

How can i ensure that this device does not get stolen?

You needn't worry. The unique thing about this device is that it is unnoticeable when switched off and looks exactly like a reflector. This would greatly reduce its chances of getting stolen when compared to other bike accessories.

Does mobile needs to be always connected to device?

No. You only need to connect to the device when you wish to change a message or other settings. After turning ON the bike, pair your phone to the device using Bluetooth, make the changes as per your choice and then disconnect. That is all.

Does it supports characters from different languages for the display?

Currently, it supports alphanumeric characters and some special characters. However, we have been working on introducing Hindi and Marathi characters and will be rolling out the update soon.

How are the message displayed?

The messages are rolled across the screen from right to left. Between each message an animation (vibration equalizer) is displayed. You can display up to three messages (48 characters each) which are displayed sequentially, interspersed with the animation.

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